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New Years Resolutions

The new year seems to make people introspective, which always  leads to thoughts of self-improvement.  Most everyone comes up with a list of New Years Resolutions of things they want to accomplish or behaviors they would like to change.  I’m not much of a resolution maker.  The areas of my life I want to improve are ALWAYS a work in progress.  I always think I can do better at pretty much everything in my life and constantly strive for that.  As for the things I want to start doing, I don’t need a date to start, I just do.  And if I fall off the bandwagon, I decide that it’s not the right time and wait until it feels right again.  However, most people like the idea of starting fresh with a new year.  It gives them renewed hope and determination.  Unfortunately, most of these resolutions die out in a month or two.  Here are some tips for making your New Years Resolutions lasting and successful.

These are characteristics of those who maintain and fulfill their resolutions:

  • They believe in their ability to change
  • They do not indulge in self-blame or excuse making
  • They avoid in wishful thinking and concentrate on results
  • They understand their motivators and reasons why the resolution is important

The most important investments require time.  Setting and achieving a resolution requires focus, effort, and commitment.  Changing old habits and developing new ones won’t happen overnight. 

  • Focus on one resolution at a time.  Having too many changes to focus on will only lead to failure.  If one of your resolutions is to be healthier, break this down into smaller tasks (eating healthier, exercising, quit smoking, etc.).  This one resolution of being healthier is a big one that requires making a lot of changes in your lifestyle.  If you also have on your list improving your business, house improvements, and organizing your office, you will be overwhelmed by all the changes you are trying to make.  Stick with one resolution at a time to ensure your success.
  • Create a sense of accountability.  Designate a friend, mentor, or companion for sharing successes, monitoring progress, and offering support.  The benefit of involving others in your goals and plans is instant access to experience, knowledge, and wisdom-it also raises the bar of responsibility.  Communicating your resolution and intentions actually increases your accountability to the behavior.  From the very beginning it is important to share your goals with those around you so that you can enlist their support.
  • Persist until completed.  A resolution achieved is a stunning example of consistency and hard work!  If you fall behind schedule or are sidetracked for any reason, refocus!  Just don’t give up!  Don’t surrender to temptation, difficulty, or temporary failure.  Persist until you achieve the goal!
  • Cultivate personal integrity.  Integrity gives you the oxygen needed to cross the finish line of accomplishment.  Your commitment determines your level of success.

So, tell me, what are your resolutions for 2010?



January 10, 2010 - Posted by | Health

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