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This really disturbs me

Yesterday the Kaiser Family Foundation announced that kids are now spending almost 8 hours a day watching TV, playing video games, or surfing the internet.  This has increased from 6 hours, 21 minutes in 2004.  The increase has been due to the availability of cell phones and ipods.  Kids actually spend more time listening to music, playing games, and watching TV on their phones than they do talking on them.  They found that in 64% of homes, the TV is on during meals.  In 45% of homes, the TV is on most of the time, even when no one is watching it.

Besides the obesity and health problems that come from being so inactive, kids are also using media to socialize.  While this may not be isolating, it is distorted compared to face-to-face socializing.  Also of concern is the amount of multitasking that kids are doing with media.  Douglas Gentile, director of the Media Research Lab at Iowa State University says that “we are raising a generation of kids who may have a problem maintaining sustained and focused attention, because they are so used to being distracted.” 

The study found that parents are not putting any limits on their kids use of media.  If more parents limit how much time children are in front of a screen and the content of what they are viewing, kids get better grades and get into less trouble.  Parents have the power to protect their children.  It’s time to see them start using it!

For the full article, go to  U.S. Kids Using Media Almost 8 Hours a Day – Yahoo! News.


January 21, 2010 - Posted by | Children

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