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Asthma-the demon I have fought my entire life.  The demon who grabs a hold of my lungs and sucks the life out of me.  Once again, it has raised it’s ugly head and taken over my life.  The lack of oxygen deprives me of any amount of energy. Then there’s the awful barking cough that makes people want to run far away from me.   I spend my day like this.

As a child, doctors plied me with drugs and allergy shots. After all, the benefits outweighed the risks.  I spent most of my days sick and struggling to take a breath.  As an adult, the side effects of all those drugs has forced me to turn to holistic medicine.  Acupuncture has changed my life.  When I don’t feel well, my acupuncturist, Payam, is the first person I call.  By the time I walk into his office, lost income and lack of exercise has taken it’s toll on me and I can be quite grumpy.  But nothing phases Payam.  He is an ocean of calm, even when I walk in looking like this.

After lying on the table and having each needle strategically placed, I drift off to an hour of pure bliss and relaxation. 

When I my hour is finished, the demon has loosened it’s grip and I am on my way to conquer the world once again.


February 9, 2010 - Posted by | Health

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  1. i had no idea you had asthma!!! i should have picked your brain before my very limited (information wise) post this morning!!
    thank you for your sweet sawyer message. i’m so sad.

    Comment by katie | February 18, 2010 | Reply

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