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A couple weeks ago, I was flipping through my latest issue of NATA (National Athletic Trainers Association) News and came across a review for CogniFit brain fitness software.  It claims that anyone young and old will be challenged enough to improve their abilities-including focused attention,visual-spatial memory, mental flexibility, and executive functions.  I was curious, as usual, and went to their website . 

They offered a free 7 day trial, so I thought  I’d give it a shot.  My memory is terrible and getting worse all the time.  I need all the help I can get in that department!  Cognifit provides an initial baseline assessment of cognitive abilities that are most affected by aging.  This took 2 sessions to complete.  I was happy to see that I tested higher than normal, and surprised to see that my memory and perceptions were excellent, but my attention, focus, and ability to shift from one task to another were very low.  My experience is that my ability to remember names and events is terrible, however I give people my attention and focus all day long, as well as shifting constantly from task to task.  Maybe this software could help me with cognitive  abilities I didn’t know I was lacking?

From there, I was led through a series of tasks meant to train my brain in various areas.  Some of these tasks proved to be quite challenging!  At the end of my 7 day trial, I really hadn’t done enough training to see any improvement, however I could see how doing these everyday could be great mental stimulation and improve these skills.  They have a separate training program for seniors as well.  The program is inexpensive and worthwhile if you feel you need help in these areas.


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