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Your face can give you clues about your health

Last week, a few of my female clients came to the conclusion that being fit and active came with a price-skin that is prone to breakouts.  While it is true that breakouts will occur if you work out with make-up on and/or don’t wash your face immediately afterward, there are many other reasons for problems that plague the face. 

Chinese medicine teaches that each part of the face reflects a different element (fire, earth, water, metal, and wood), which, in turn, responds to a particular group of organs.  Learning to read the cues your body gives you, detecting imbalances, and dealing with them through diet and lifestyle practices can help you take care of small problems before they become large ones.

The forehead

According to Chinese medicine, the forehead corresponds to the fire element.  This is associated with the heart and small intestine, as well as the mind and spirit.  Look for redness or small blood vessels that appear as discoloration, which could indicate a heart problem.  Skin discoloration could also be caused by a recent emotional experience such as a death or end of a relationship.  It is common for people whose emotions are regularly in turmoil to have a constant furrow between their eyebrows. 

The nose

Your nose corresponds to the earth element, indicating a connection to the stomach, spleen, and pancreas.  Symptoms of an internal imbalance show up as a pimple on the tip or side of your nose.  If you ate a lot of spicy, deep-fried, fatty, or rich foods, or chocolate, the day before, this could be the source of your problem.  You may be suffering from indigestion, constipation, or diarrhea. 

Broken capillaries or redness across the bridge of the nose could reveal alcohol abuse, or excessive worry and stress. 

The Chin

The chin area is related to the water element, which is associated with your kidney, bladder, hormonal system, and glands.  Blemishes, discoloration, and dark patches of skin around the chin and mouth could indicate problems within the kidney or bladder.  Recurrent acne breakouts around your chin may signify a hormonal imbalance.  The problem is most often due to the body producing excess amounts of estrogen or testosterone and tends to occur with irregular menstruation in women and prostate problems in men.

The right cheek

Your right cheek corresponds to the metal element and is associated with the lung and large intestine.  Problems in the lung or large intestine present themselves as discoloration, blemishes, and skin problems on the right cheek.  A mild acne breakout, eczema patch, or slight redness may mean a cold is coming on.  Lung illness or upper respiratory ailments also trigger visual symptoms on the right cheek.  People who are prone to respiratory allergies or asthma have a tendency to have a reddish, scaly eczema, a slight rash, or slight bluish-green hue along the right cheek-showing too much heat or inflammation in the respiratory system, or a lack of oxygen.

The left cheek

The left cheek corresponds to the wood element and the liver and gallbladder.  Broken capillaries and redness, especially up next to the bridge of your nose, indicate heat, inflammation or congestion of toxins in the liver.  Bulging veins, redness, and rash sometimes indicate high-blood pressure and pent-up anger.  A yellowish  hue under the left eye can indicate gallstones or high triglycerides or cholesterol.  Problems in this part of the face can also reveal emotional issues, such as anger or depression.

 There are many ways the body alerts you to imbalances, the face is just one of them!


April 10, 2010 - Posted by | Health

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  1. I rarely wear make-up and certainly never do when I work out. 😉 I recently started working out again and eating healthy. One of the first things I noticed (aside from being happier and more energetic) is that my face looks healthier. Yay for exercise and eating right!

    Comment by Lori Whalen | April 12, 2010 | Reply

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