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 Not long after my post on choosing the right running shoe/choosing to run barefoot, my IDEA Fitness Journal arrived in the mail with “The Facts on Barefoot Running” right on the cover.  Is the universe telling me something?  Possibly…and it sure has gotten my attention.  The main purpose of the article was to explain how incorporating barefoot running into our clients’ workouts could be beneficial.  It listed the benefits of barefoot running:

  • Increases running economy
  • Less fatiguing than running in shoes
  • Increases sensory input
  • Injury protective
  • Increases lower leg strength

The article also gave a 10 step program for gradually implementing barefoot running into the training program.

The very next week, one of my clients (who is a runner) told me that she bought barefoot running shoes.  A bit of an oxymoron, isn’t it?  I decided that I needed to research this idea further.  While looking into these barefoot running shoes, I found quite a story behind them.  The man who designed them, Christopher McDougall, was so determined to find out why he continued to have heel pain from running that he sought out the Tarahumara natives in Mexico’s Copper Canyon, who are rumored to be able to run hundreds of miles at superhuman speed and do so barefoot.  He wrote a book about this journey called Born To Run, which has pushed the 7th Harry Potter book out of line to become the next book I read.

My next mission is to find the Vibram five finger barefoot running shoe and incorporate it into my running.  Details to follow…


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