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Ritual Cleanse-Day 1

Today was my first day of the Ritual Cleanse.  Surprisingly, I didn’t get very hungry.  I really thought I would be ravenous, but I had very little hunger at all.  I was equally impressed with how good the juices tasted.  There are 6 different bottles to drink throughout the day.  The Shred component (pre- and post-workout drinks) were definitely my favorite!  The pre-workout juice consists of carrots, beets, celery, apple, and pear and gave me a ton of energy!  This was only the second bottle of juice I consumed for the day before my run and I had one of my best runs in a long time!  The post-workout juice consists of almonds (for me), cinnamon, nutmeg, and agave-also very tasty!

I think the thing I noticed most with this cleanse today, was how good my body felt.  My job is quite physical and I work out pretty hard on top of that, so I tend to be stiff and sore all the time.  I felt none of that today, even after running 5 miles.  The usual fatigue was completely gone from my body.  This makes it obvious to me that I am truly removing toxins from my body, and the best part is I feel great (not like I’ve been hit by a train!)


May 14, 2010 - Posted by | Food, Health, Mind-body awareness

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