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All this talk about bodies

This topic has been weighing on my mind heavily lately, not sure I can fit it all into one post. Last week I was reading a news article about pro-ana websites. I didn’t even know these sites existed and am appalled at what is openly available to so many young girls. For those who don’t know, these are pro-eating disorder websites that offer support and encouragement to people who have anorexia or bulimia and don’t want help. They give tips on how not to eat, how to distract yourself from hunger, and even sell diet pills. I checked out a few, and some had links to blogs of anorexics. The self hate and need to control were disturbing. Many are suffering from anxiety and the only way they know how to control their world is by controlling what they eat. One website had a poem:

Starvation is control

Control is tough

Bones are beautiful

When skinny just isn’t enough

It makes you wonder what our society is doing to women.  Well…just take a look…

Then I thought how ironic it is that we are working so hard to reduce obesity in this country while these girls are starving to death.  Both issues lead to disease and death, but at opposite ends of the spectrum.  All this talk about being too fat or too thin, and we wonder why young girls have poor body image.

Next, I thought back to an article about Serena Williams and the sexy outfit she chose to wear on the court.  I thought it looked great on her, she has an amazing muscular body and she likes to throw a little spice into her wardrobe.  So what!  I was disgusted by the comments made by men and women alike about how she looked like a man and shouldn’t be dressing like a girl!  Really?  So now a woman can’t be fit and muscular because that makes her too manly. 

We all come in different shapes and sizes and can’t all fit into one mold of “perfect” , whatever that is.  All this talk needs to be about health, because that’s all that really matters.  Are you healthy?  Your body won’t be if your mind isn’t.  Young girls’ minds are being made sick by the media and our society who endorse it.  The next time you hear a young girl say she isn’t pretty enough, or doesn’t have the right hair or the right make-up or needs to look like the girls in the magazines, show her this.

Then tell her that she’s beautiful just the way she is.


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  1. Love this post, Shannon! I wish someone had emphasized real beauty to me as a child, I had some serious body issues growing up – still do. Moms take note! Emphasize health to your daughters.

    Comment by Lori Whalen | June 29, 2010 | Reply

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