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Hologram bracelets-Do you think they work?

I’m sure you’ve seen these hologram bracelets all over the place.  I know many people who wear them and are convinced this little bracelet makes them stronger, improves their workouts, helps them hit the golf ball farther, etc., etc.  Being the scientific girl that I am, I have been my usual skeptical self, but I am always open to new ideas if you have the research to back it up.  About a week ago, I happened to come across a booth selling these powerbalance bracelets.  I walked over to look at them and the young sales girl was very eager to demonstrate the test on me.  I had already put the bracelet on, so she decided to start the test that way and finish with the bracelet off.  The test required me to stand on one foot with both arms held straight out to the side.  She pushed down on one arm until I fell over.  The purpose of the test is to show people how much stronger and more balanced they are with the bracelet on.  She had obviously been trained to do a “fake” test, but forgot she was doing my test in the reverse order.  Needless to say, she did not press down on my arm as hard when the bracelet was off, which would appear to make me look stronger without the bracelet.  She then asked if I felt any difference and I replied with a “no.”  Amazingly, she did the test again, the exact same way.  When I told her that it was obvious that she wasn’t pushing down as hard with the bracelet off, she tried to tell me that without the bracelet “a simple tap makes most people fall over.”  She added that I am so amazingly strong that it takes more than a tap to bring me down.  When I explained that a proper test is done with the same amount of pressure with or without the bracelet on, she quickly handed me the card that explains how the hologram works and all the ailments it “cures.”  The card mentioned something about aligning the energy of the chakras by placing the holograms near the chakras.  I told the sales girl that it didn’t make sense to wear the hologram on your wrist if it only worked near the chakras.  Her reply- “I don’t even know what chakras are!”  Thanks, but I think I’d rather spend that money at my chiropractor’s office!

Funny enough, when I tell my friends who wear these bracelets this story, they think that she was just a young, new sales girl who didn’t know what she was doing.  They still believe the bracelet makes a difference.  I have looked up research on this product and have found none.  Not even one study.  What I do know is this- if you think you’re stronger and more powerful, then you will be.  As far as I’m concerned, the bracelet’s ability to make them think more positively is priceless!


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  1. I am not saying the bracelet works or not but I am curious about it. As a scientific minded person you should read the Holographic Universe if you are interested in the principles of it. It may blow your mind.

    Comment by Russ Camire | December 26, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for your input Russ, I’ll check that out!

      Comment by atcshan | December 27, 2010 | Reply

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