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Halloween candy

Halloween is upon us again, and with it the accumulation of enough candy to feed a village!  While it’s fun to dress up and go trick-or-treating, it is not necessary for kids to consume so much sugar.  There are a lot of ways parents can go about reducing their kids intake of candy.

My daughter is permitted a few pieces of candy on Halloween.  Next, I go through her candy and pull out her favorites.  This is typically anything chocolate and skittles.  The rest goes in the trash*.  I place her favorites in a large ziploc bag, and every time we go see a movie, I pull out one or two pieces of candy and take them with us.  My daughter still feels like she is getting a treat at the movies, yet its a fraction of the size (and sugar) one would buy at the theater, and it costs me nothing.  That candy lasts the entire year!

For those who have a difficult time keeping their own hand out of their child’s Halloween candy, just keep in mind that there is something to be said for modeling self-control to your children.  If you cannot model this very important characteristic, chances are they never will learn self-control either.

*Some children may need to be bribed with a gift in order to part with their candy =)

Here’s to a safe and happy Halloween!


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