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Day 12 -Thanksgiving and fizzy tabs

Today was day 12 of my 28 day anti-inflammatory, detox cleanse and I have been feeling amazing!  I had two days off this week from my asthma inhaler with no asthma symptoms at all.  Cold weather usually brings on more asthma problems for me, but the diet is definitely helping relieve that.  As you know, today was Thanksgiving and I was determined to stick with my cleanse.  I knew I could eat turkey and vegetables, but I really love stuffing!  Sooo, I made my own gluten-free stuffing.  It turned out good, but not as good as the real thing.  I’ll have to work on that recipe 🙂  As much as I love pie, I refrained from eating any.  I decided that the temporary pleasure my taste buds would get, would not be worth how bad I would feel afterwards and for the next 2 days.  I ended the night feeling just as good as I had when I started my day.  No bloating, no drowsiness, no stomach ache, no headache…you get the picture.  I am quite proud of myself for sticking with my program.

You’re probably wondering what fizzy tabs are and what they have to do with Thanksgiving.  Well, they really have nothing to do with Thanksgiving actually, but I needed to rave about my new “energy drink.”  This cleanse limits caffeine intake, so they have a product for caffeine addicts like myself.  Fizzy tabs are tablets loaded with B vitamins and amino acids that you dissolve in a glass of water.  They come in citrus and pomegranate (my fave) and give you a natural boost without the amped up, jittery feeling you get from coffee or energy drinks.  I love these fizzy tabs so much, they will become a permanent fixture for me long after this 28 day cleanse is over.

I’m almost half way through this program and it is by far the best cleanse I have ever done!  I will definitely be maintaining much of this eating regimen after I’ve finished the cleanse, the results are so worth it!


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  1. Can you tell me what you are not eating again. If this is helping your asthma, maybe it would help with allergies too. Where did you get the fizzy tabs and what are they called?

    Comment by Karen | November 25, 2010 | Reply

  2. Actually, I usually am miserable at my sister’s house because she has 3 cats and I am allergic to them. This holiday I was completely fine, so I guess it helped my allergies too! I will contact you about the diet I’m on.

    Comment by atcshan | November 26, 2010 | Reply

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