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Why I LOVE this program!

Yesterday was the last day of my 28 day cleanse, but I’ve decided to stick with it a little longer because I’m loving it so much.  I’ve received many inquiries about this cleanse and what it has done for me.  I’ve enthusiastically bragged about my incredible (and still shocking) energy levels, my improved sleep, my decrease in aches and pains, my new and improved knee (after 5 years of pain  I’m amazed every day how good it feels), no PMS, no cramps, my overall feeling of well being, etc, etc.  And even though I haven’t checked my weight yet, I’ve been told repeatedly, by many people over the last two weeks, how lean I’m looking (always so nice to hear 🙂 ) While all this has been wonderful, there are other reasons I think this nutritional program is awesome.

This program is not a fad.  It teaches people how to remove the toxins and inflammatory foods from their diet.  Toxins in our environment can lead to many health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, skin conditions, chronic pain, digestive problems, headaches, irritability, mood swings, and auto-immune disorders such as lupus.  This program also teaches how to continue this eating regimen at least 80% of the time after the cleanse is finished.

The list of suggested foods and substitutions that can be eaten on this program is quite long and extensive, giving people many options with their meals.  A shopping list for Trader Joe’s , Whole Foods, and Henry’s is even provided to help those on the program with their shopping choices and where to find it.

A list of recipes are provided to make it easier to prepare meals that adhere to the program.  There’s even a list of shake recipes provided so you don’t get bored with the same flavor everyday.

This program really teaches people how to eat for their health and how to continue to do so down the road.  It makes as easy as can be to follow and I found it to be quite enjoyable, something I’ve never experienced on any other cleanse program.

I am excited to be able to offer and teach this program to others!  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are interested in making a healthy change in your life!


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