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The Aftermath

Today marks my 6th day off the 28 day cleanse.  I have continued to eat the same food as I did on the cleanse, I just haven’t had my two protein shakes a day.  I feel even better now than I did on the cleanse, if that’s even possible.  I’ve done a number of cleanses in the past, and even if I felt good while on them, afterwards was always a disaster.  I would either get sick (once so bad I thought I would have to be hospitalized for asthma) or spend weeks trying to get my energy back.  This cleanse is quite the opposite.  I feel better than I have in years!   The only time I didn’t was when I reintroduced something that was prohibited on the cleanse.

Now I’ve known for a number of years that dairy is not my friend, which is why I rarely have it.  It gives me intestinal problems and makes me break out.  However, when I reintroduced dairy just one time, I was presented with pretty bad knee pain.  As you know, my knee has felt the best ever in five years while on this cleanse.  A little dairy and the pain came right back.  I was surprised!  The worst one, though, was the gluten.  One meal with gluten and I was so exhausted I just wanted to lay down on the floor and nap.  I was so tired, my eyes burned.  Needless to say, I haven’t had gluten since.  I’m guessing that’s why I’ve been feeling so good, because I haven’t been eating gluten.

Besides that, I feel amazing.  My energy level is still very high, even though my life is on chaos mode right now.  My sleep is still good and, as long as I don’t eat dairy, soy, or gluten, my joints feel great!  Oh yeah, and I’m still losing weight, while eating plenty of food.

Not only that, but my workouts have really improved.   About 8-9 years ago I was running a 7 minute mile.  After my knee injury and a bout with adrenal fatigue, it dropped to a 10 minute mile.  That is quite a drop for an athlete.  Over the 28 days I have been on this cleanse, that 10 minute mile has gradually gotten faster.  Today I ran 5 miles at an 8.5 minute mile.  In one month I was able to close that gap by 50%.  While my racing days are long gone, I would still like to feel like the athlete I once was, just a little bit.  Now I do 🙂

This whole experience has been a real eye-opener for me when it comes to the effect food has on our health.  I already knew so much about this, yet experiencing it for myself was quite enlightening.


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