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This week, the first week of 2011, a stomach flu virus descended on our home.  It hit me up first, keeping me in bed for a couple of days.  Next, it got my daughter.  I can’t really complain much, we rarely get sick.  In fact, my daughter is 10 and tomorrow will be the first time she has ever missed a day of school.  But, when we do get sick, we hide in the house and rest.  I spent the first part of the week taking care of me, and now I spend the rest of the week taking care of her.

Yes, I’ve missed a lot of work and lost income, and there’s shopping to do, and laundry to do, and people to meet. The house needs to be cleaned and , oh, you should see my desk!  Clients are trying to schedule appointments and my babysitter doesn’t want our germs (do you blame her).  I know the world will not end because we needed to rest and recuperate.  Life goes on and we will pick up right where we left off.

I’d like to think of this first week as the one that sets the tone for 2011.  Not one of sickness, of course, but of rest and healing.  Let 2011 be the year we heal and get some rest from the tragic, chaotic, and sad last few years we’ve endured.  Make this the year you take care of you and your loved ones.  The world will wait, I promise 🙂


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