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Cleanse Challenge 2011-Halftime stats

We are now half way through Cleanse challenge 2011 and I am so thrilled to be hearing nothing but positive feedback!  After just one week participants were shocked at how great they felt, even the most skeptical.  One e-mail stated,

“…my energy is great and very even.  I am stunned.  Just told my friend that aside from the digestive adjustment I feel about 10 years younger.”

Comments have ranged from, “it’s so much easier to stay on than I thought it would be,”  “the recipes are delicious!”, “no more mood swings, especially during my period,” “you weren’t lying, I feel the best I have in years,” “I’m sleeping so much better,” and “my skin is so much clearer.”

Today I received an e-mail updating me on how this participant is doing.  She wrote,

“A few things that I LOVE……flat stomach, NO BURPING!!, less mood swings, clear skin and feeling great.  I truly believe that by eliminating the gluten/wheat and diary that my body is MUCH happier.  My digestive tract is working like never before and I do not feel hungry or have cravings.  The shakes are so sweet  so I don’t crave sugar at all.  I don’t know which factors are contributing to my skin but I think it is a combination of it all.  I only had one pimple on my period…..a total miracle.  I think these are the main factors that are helping my skin: diary and gluten elimination, Arbonne acne skin care products (love them).”

And last, but certainly not least, is the progressive weight loss.  So far, the biggest loser (I just had to say that) is 15 pounds in 2 weeks.  Nice job!

All 12 participants have been doing such a great job sticking to the program and their family and friends have gotten very interested!  This program has been so successful and I am being asked to hold another 28 day cleanse challenge.  Be on the lookout for information coming your way for the February 2011 Cleanse Challenge!


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