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Brain Power

Did you know that if the brain remains healthy and free from disease, it can continue to function normally for our entire lives? While having a strong, healthy body is critical to life long quality of life, it is worthless without a strong, healthy brain.  Here are a few things you can do for your physical and mental health to promote a healthy brain.


Neuroscientists recommend swimming, dancing, gardening, knitting, more frequent use of the non-dominant hand and leg, and walking 10,000 steps daily (Nussbaum, 2006).  Small (2006) and Medina (2008) encourage regular physical activity that includes an adequate cardiovascular workout (at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week).  Aerobic exercise is the key to lowering the odds of getting Alzheimer’s by 60%.  Aerobic exercise  is “Miracle-Gro” food for the brain, “fertilizing” cells to keep them functioning and growing.

Mental Activity

It’s also important to use the brain to keep it healthy.  Activities like playing board games, doing crossword puzzles, learning a second language, taking a class, increasing exposure to classical music, and reading books can all help cut the risk of Alzheimer’s by nearly a third.

A Healthy Diet

Balanced nutrition is essential for body and brain health.  An anti-inflammatory diet that includes oily fish, and fresh fruits and vegetables, has proven to keep the brain healthy and disease free.  Water is also essential for the electrical transmission within the nervous system that makes us sensing, learning, thinking, and acting organisms.


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