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Another fave….yummm!

I am pretty hesitant these days to share my favorite finds.  Seems like every time I blog about a new food,  everyone goes out and buys it and there’s none left for me when I get to the store!  But I just can’t keep this one to myself, I just had to share.  Trader Joes has made my day, yet again.  Normally, I don’t even bother looking at salad dressings.  Usually, they are loaded with sugar or have a dairy base.  I prefer my avocado and lemon juice to salad dressing any day.  However, today something made me stop and take a look.  There in front of me was Trader Joes very own hummus salad dressing.  Dairy free, gluten free, soy free, and not one single gram of sugar.  The best part is that it tastes awesome!!!  Any one who has gone through my anti-inflammatory nutrition program knows how much I stress how great hummus is.  The perfect food!  Trader Joes had the brilliant idea of making a salad dressing with it.  Just make sure you leave some for me!!!


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  1. I also hate all the bad stuff they put in store bought dressings so this sounds awesome! Thanks for the tip!

    Comment by sheelbeel | July 22, 2011 | Reply

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