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Tis the season

I can’t believe it is mid-August already!  Summer is quickly winding down, school will be starting soon, and football season is upon us!  It is also the perfect time to cleanse our bodies of those extra toxins we accumulate with all that summer fun!

Detoxing and weight loss go hand in hand.  Excess toxins accumulated from hormones and antibiotics in our meat and dairy products, pesticides on our fruits and vegetables, alcohol consumption, medications we ingest, and the environmental toxins we breathe in overwhelm our liver and get stored in fat cells.  You need to cleanse your body in order to release these toxins and shrink the fat cells.
28 Days to Health is neatly packaged with all the tools necessary to walk you through the program and start the process of understanding the connection food has to your health.  You don’t need to live in the area.  I have successfully taught this program over the phone and through e-mails.  I can walk anyone through this program regardless of where you live in the United States, and even if you live in Australia, Canada, and the UK.

If you are looking to decrease body fat, eliminate addictions to sugar, carbs, or caffeine, reduce aches and pains in your body, improve your digestion, and experience the feeling of having consistent energy…then read on to find out more.
How it works 

The cleanse is for 28 days and begins on September 7th (the Wednesday after Labor Day).  The first conference call will be on Tuesday, September 6.

The program consists of dietary restrictions and nutritional supplements. There are some things to eliminate from the diet including gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, alcohol, vinegar, and coffee.  The supplements include a protein powder, fiber, detoxifying tea, a detox drink, and other optional items.  There will be weekly conference calls with Shannon to educate you about nutrition and support you through the cleanse program.  The program includes 40 pages of recipes and shopping lists for a number of stores to help you with food choices and where to find them.

$50 program fee if committed by August 31 (50% savings)

$250 for supplements with Preferred Client discount program or $300 full retail
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In May I decided for my husband and I that we were going to try the 28 Days to Health Cleanse.   Our first week was good and bad…. the food that I cooked from the recipes were great but detoxing our system was a little harder.  My stomach was upset by the cleanse with a bit of cramping the first day, less on the second day and by the third day all was well.  My husband had a little harder time eating smaller portions, so we increased his shakes for that first week.   28 days later I lost 13 lbs and my husband lost 25lbs.  We decided that we wanted to stay with our new eating life style so now we still do shakes twice a day and have a meal that I make from scratch with only organic, hormone, anti biotic, gluten and soy free.   I love to cook so it has reminded me that what I make tastes so much better than a box of anything.   We have added the gym back into our life and my husband has gone on to lose another 10lbs and I have lost a few more myself.  We feel healthy and look healthier.   This has been an experience that I share with everyone I meet.     Thanks again Shannon for opening our eyes about food  – Reamy and Jeff Newman

When Shannon first told me about the 28 day cleanse, I thought there is no way I could ever do this, but I wanted to try.  For the last year or so I had been having a lot of stomach problems and my face was always breaking out.
The first 4 days were by far the hardest, but I stuck with it and was so glad I did.  Within the first week all my stomach issues were gone, my skin was clearer than it had been in a long time, I was sleeping the best I had slept in the past two years and I was not having mood swings.  It was a very stressful time for me as I was chairing an event at the school that was in its first year, so I was creating the wheel.  Things that would normally send me over the edge, I was able to giggle about and say “well, it will all work out”.  I thought without caffeine I would never survive, but I was wrong, the fizz tabs are amazing and give you that boost of energy you need around 3PM.
I slowly introduced gluten back into my diet and my stomach issues returned within two days.  Since that day, I have started buying gluten free everything.  There is so much out there now to choose from, it is not as hard to be gluten free as it was just a couple years ago.  I also noticed my mood swings return when I introduced coffee back into my diet, now I now only drink coffee once in a blue moon and stick with decaf when I do.
I truly felt amazing on the cleanse!  I notice such a difference when I introduce certain things back into my diet, that I have made a life style change including staying away from gluten, dairy, etc.  I have a protein shake for breakfast every morning and most days for lunch as well.  I still use the fizz tabs and the herbal tea too!
It truly was a great experience for me and I am so glad I did this, it changed my life!
-Jen Schafer
A few things that I LOVE……flat stomach, NO BURPING!!, less mood swings, clear skin and feeling great.  I truly believe that by eliminating the gluten/wheat and diary that my body is MUCH happier.  My digestive tract is working like never before and I do not feel hungry or have cravings.  The shakes are so sweet (plus have a little sugar in them) so I don’t crave sugar at all.  I don’t know which factors are contributing to my skin but I think it is a combination of it all.  I only had one pimple on my period…..a total miracle.  I think these are the main factors that are helping my skin: diary and gluten elimination. I feel like I can walk out of my house without makeup right now and not feel uncomfortable!!!  Total miracle in my book!! -Jen Woodward




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