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Oil..oops, I mean water, water everywhere!

Today in my daughter’s science class, the science teacher asked how many of the kids drank out of stainless steel water bottles.   Shockingly, my daughter and one other child were the only ones to raise their hands!  Honestly, I really don’t see any reason why anyone would still be drinking out of plastic bottles.  It is expensive,  toxic to our health, and destroys our environment.  I bet if I asked all the parents of those children about buying organic and healthy food for their families, they would claim that it is too expensive.  However, before I stopped using plastic water bottles, I spent $90 a month on bottled water for just my daughter and I.  $90 would certainly buy a lot of fruits and vegetables for the month, don’t you think?

My daughter also tells me about the large numbers of children who keep the same plastic water bottle at their desk for months on end and keep refilling it.  These bottles have never been meant for multiple use.  They are for one time use only and will just keep leaching all kinds of toxins into your water for every use after that.  Anyone who has any concern about their own health, our environment and/or the burdens of the oil industry would do well to filter their tap water and make the switch to stainless steel (my current bottle cost me $2).  If you need any more convincing, watch this video:


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