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Spring cleaning

This week marks the change of seasons.  Spring is upon us again.  Of course, here in Southern California, we are blessed with great weather all year long.  Yet, something about beautiful, longer sunny days, flowers blooming, and birds singing remind us that summer and all its fun is just around the corner.  This is the time when we start thinking, “Uh oh, I have to wear a bikini soon.  Better ramp up those workouts!”  For me, spring marks a time when I replace those comfort foods with lots of veggies.  Ok, so I know my idea of comfort food is sweet potato chips and gluten/dairy free muffins from Kean coffee.  It’s all relative, right?

The real spring cleaning starts in April.   An entire month to prepare for summer and fun at the beach!  If you’re looking not only to lose weight, but have increased energy, improve your digestive system, eliminate aches and pains, and feel great join me April 3 to start April”s 28 Days to Health cleanse.  You will learn how to improve your diet permanently, how food affects your health, and how to control cravings, energy fluctuations, and mood swings.

For those committed to their health by March 31, 2012 the program fee will be waived 100%.  After April 1, the fee will be $50.00.  For more information contact me at


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